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Occasional bad breath is a natural part of life, but chronic bad breath (halitosis) can be a symptom of an oral health problem. If you suspect your child may be suffering from halitosis, call your local Kiddie Cavity Care and Orthodontics office today.

Good oral hygiene is the best way to keep your child’s mouth healthy. However, bad breath, known as halitosis, is a condition that even healthy children can experience. It can also be the symptom of another underlying problem. At Kiddie Cavity Care and Orthodontics, we can help your child restore their dental health with halitosis treatment.

What is Halitosis?

Bad breath is a common experience that can be easily treated with brushing, flossing and mouth rinses. However, if your child is experiencing chronic bad breath that other remedies fail to treat, your child may have halitosis.

What Causes Halitosis?

Halitosis is often a symptom of other oral health issues. Here are some of the most common reasons for your child’s halitosis:

  • Poor oral hygiene: If your child doesn’t practice good daily brushing and flossing habits, stubborn bacteria can grow in their mouth and on their tongue. This build-up of bacteria can cause bad breath, as well as other problems.
  • Tooth decay: Cavities can cause bad breath as the enamel in your child’s teeth breaks down.
  • Poorly fitting oral appliances: An oral appliance that has shifted or slipped out of place can trap food in the hard-to-reach places of your child’s mouth, affecting their breath.
  • Gum disease: Gum disease is a result of built-up plaque attacking your child’s gums, causing infections in the sensitive tissues. Gum disease can sometimes result from medications your child may be taking or other medical conditions.

How Do You Treat Halitosis?

Our office provides a variety of halitosis treatments depending on your child’s needs. We can also recommend other treatments as necessary.

  • Good oral hygiene: Your child should brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Floss daily to keep food particles from getting stuck between their teeth and causing cavities. Make sure your child also pays attention to their tongue to clear out the bacteria that may be growing there.
  • Gum disease treatment: If your child is suffering from halitosis due to gum disease, we will recommend treatments for your child’s gum problems to restore their overall oral health.
  • Regular checkups: Prevention is the best treatment of all. Regular checkups every six months can help our dentist diagnose problems and treat them before they become more serious.
  • Cleanings and fluoride treatment: Twice-yearly cleanings and fluoride applications can keep your child’s teeth healthy, strong and free of plaque.
  • Replace your child’s toothbrush regularly: Be sure to replace your child’s toothbrush every few months. The bristles will dull over time and become less effective at cleaning your child’s teeth.

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