Orthodontics in
Temple Hills

Your child can enjoy a beautifully aligned smile with orthodontics. At Kiddie Cavity Care & Orthodontics, we specialize in early interception and treatments that can give your child a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

Orthodontics in Temple Hills

Treating orthodontic issues early is an important part of keeping your child’s teeth strong and healthy. At Kiddie Cavity Care & Orthodontics, we are proud to offer comprehensive orthodontic care to our patients in Temple Hills. We are proud to offer traditional braces, Invisalign, space maintainers, and Phase One orthodontics.

Although not an orthodontist, Dr. Altmon is a trained expert in early interceptive care. He and our team will guide you and your child through a personalized treatment plan to ensure the best results. If your child requires more advanced orthodontic treatment, we will provide a referral to a recommended orthodontist.

Our pediatric orthodontic services in Temple Hills include:

  • Traditional Braces: Traditional braces use metal brackets and wires to guide teeth into the desired alignment. The brackets are attached to the teeth with dental cement and used to anchor the wires, which apply pressure to gently move the teeth. This type of treatment typically takes about two to three years, depending on your child’s unique case.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign clear aligners use custom-made plastic trays to shift your child’s teeth. These removable trays must be worn for 22 hours per day and can be taken out during meals and to brush and floss. Your child will switch to the next tray in the series approximately every two weeks. Because they are virtually invisible, Invisalign aligners are a discreet alternative to metal braces.
  • Retainers: Once orthodontic treatment is complete, we recommend a custom-fitted retainer. Retainers help keep the teeth and bite in place.
  • Space Maintainers: If a baby tooth is lost prematurely, we may recommend a space maintainer. Space maintainers hold a space for the permanent tooth so that it can come in normally. We attach a band to the teeth on either side of the gap and extend a wire across the space to keep teeth from shifting into the gap.
  • Phase One Orthodontics: This form of orthodontic treatment is used for younger children to correct issues with jaw growth or tooth development. Phase one orthodontic treatments may include headgear, special retainers, braces, oral appliances or other therapies as recommended.

What’s the difference between Invisalign and braces?

While Invisalign offers many of the same benefits as traditional braces, they are clear and removable. With Invisalign, there are no metal brackets or wires, and patients have no diet limitations. We can perform a thorough exam to assess your child’s unique case and help you choose the best treatment option.

What do braces cost?

Each case is unique, and your costs will vary depending on your child’s needs. We will provide a complete review of all fees before treatment so you can make financial arrangements as necessary. For your convenience, we accept CareCredit, many PPO insurances, and VA Medicaid.

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Pea E.

So good with kids and honest... my favorite part is how they take x-rays... no film like back in the day... the machine goes around the child's head. I am loving this place!

Norma B.

I give it 5 stars because I love taking my daughter there. They are very friendly and the Doctor is very good and professional. Professional. Thank you!

Lataryna R.

My 1 year old daughter Kaidon Rose loves this dentist office! The staff is so nice and friendly!! The doctor is beyond amazing and he was great to Kaidon Rose!! We were basically in and out in less than an hour!
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Dr. Altmon is very passionate about pediatric dentistry and is very active in the dental profession.

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